Pace of Play & Local Rules

RCGA rules govern play at The Links Golf Course except when modified by local rules. Our Marshals are committed to promoting a pleasant experience for all golfers and will be enforcing pace of play throughout your round. The Links is designed to be played in under four hours and 15 minutes.

Local Rules

  • Staked Trees – Free relief (one club length) if it interferes with your stance or area of intended swing.
  • Cart Paths and Roadways – Free relief (one club length) through the green.


Out of Bounds

  • Course perimeter fence and white stakes (the stakes between #1 and #9 apply only when playing #9).
  • Beyond (to the left of) the pond and water channels on the left side of #2, when playing #2.


Course Care & Conduct

  • Liability – Players are responsible for all eventualities of their golf shot.
  • Repair ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers.
  • Keep power carts on cart paths around greens and tee box areas.
  • Alcohol – Must be purchased from The Links. Any outside alcohol is not legally permitted.


Facility Dress Code
Golf attire must be worn at all times. Men must have a collared shirt with tailored slacks or shorts. Ladies must have a shirt with either sleeves or a collar and tailored bottoms. Beach and gym wear are not permitted. Metal spikes are not permitted.

Pace of Play

Slow play detracts from everyone’s enjoyment of the game. Accordingly, golfers playing the Links Golf Course are permitted to do so on the condition that they KEEP PACE and complete their round in under 4:15 hours. It only takes one slow group to back up the entire course behind them. Be considerate of others and keep pace.


Tips for Keeping Pace

  • Limit the search for lost balls to two minutes.
  • If your stroke count for a hole reaches double par, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee.
  • Hit when ready, even if you are not “away.”
  • After taking your first putt, continue until you hole out.
  • Gold tees are recommended for use by players with an 8 handicap or lower.


3 Strike Policy

  1. Asked to pick up pace
  2. Asked to pick up ball and catch up
  3. Asked to leave course